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The innovation patented (U20060366) MaM Nursing Pads/Warmers are an all-natural alternative to disposable pads. They have a fully contour construction to offer the best comfort for your breasts, and are made of a soft merino wool fleece and a silky bamboo jersey lining. There are no seams on the nipple area, and the pads have a unique pocket where you can add a merino wool insert for the night/cold weather or choose some other absorbent inserts for extra confidence.

Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and feels very soft on the skin, and wool is highly absorbent. The MaM Nursing Pads/Warmers allow your skin to breathe while keeping your breasts warm, which is believed to help increase blood circulation and prevent mastitis and blocked milk ducts. Wool is naturally odour resistant, and the construction of the MaM pads makes them fit perfectly inside your nursing bra.

Because of the antibacterial properties of bamboo and wool, the MaM Nursing Pads/Warmers need not be washed after every use. They can be hanged out to air while you use another pair. The natural lanolin content keeps your pads hygienic. To retain the best qualities, it's necessary to treat the pads with a lanolin cure from time to time.
"Clearly, breastfeeding is good for mothers both physically and emotionally. (---) Many mothers are not being told how good breastfeeding is for their health. Whether out of ignorance or due to the influence of the artificial baby milk industry, many health care providers fail to inform mothers of the facts. It's time for this well-kept secret to come out. As word spreads about these little-known facts, more mothers will not merely choose to breastfeed briefly to provide early disease protection for their baby, but will continue to breastfeed, providing optimal outcomes both for their children and for themselves." --A. Dermer, MD, New Beginnings 2001, 18:4