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All the features you can wish for
– beauty and ease of use

The Babyidea Wool Covers are a natural way to protect the clothing of your child. Merino wool keeps the skin of your baby dry and warm. The temperature inside the cover is according to studies always optimal, since wool is a breathable material.
The Wool Covers are carefully designed and tested by Finnish babies and parents. They have double layers of untreated and high quality merino wool fleece. Generous leg gussets keep the inner diapers in place and adds to the reliablity of the cover. In front the covers have a practical pocket for prefolds and other rectangular absorbent pads. The snaps in front have been positioned somewhat diagonally to provide a great fit, and on the right wing there’s a pair of extra snaps for maximum adjustability. The covers are cut quite wide and high to provide a long time of use, and there’s plenty of room for a fitted diaper and extra inserts for night use.

"Not even advanced modern technology can create
the comfort, durability, softness and security that wool offers."

  • manufactured in cooperation with a Scandinavian company that has been in the garment industry of natural fibres for more than 10 years
  • Finnish moms and babies have taken part in development and testing of the wool covers
  • the covers are unbleached and the bindings coloured with low impact reactive dyes
  • material: merino wool fleece and merino wool rib manufactured especially for our products

Two layers of merino wool fleece for great performance. Dries fairly quickly, since the fabric layers can be partly separated.
Choose from a dinosaur embroidery with green binding, a butterfly embroidery with red binding and a retro circles embroidery with golden thread and natural binding.