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AirHour Pocket Diaper 

one size

 fits most
 soft and ecological


       snap closure      
fold front down for smaller babies
leak protection 

A pocket diaper for quickly growing babies... and for a better future

The Babyidea AirHour pocket diapers are THE choice for leak-proof cloth diapering. The diapers have an innovation patented soft leak protection channel reaching high up on front and back. AirHour is a one size diaper with a foldable front, but no snaps touching delicate baby skin. AirHour is the perfect kindergarten-diaper, easy to change and great for active play.

One size up to about 16 kg.
Please take the kg-range as a recommendations only as all babies have their own individual shape.

The Babyidea Air Hour pocket diapers are colourful and supersoft. They are made of organic cotton interlock and an absorbent layer of hemp/organic cotton fleece. The lining is made of soft custom made polyester fleece that confirms to Öko-Tex 100 norms and feels dry in use. The AirHour pockets are so called inner pockets, thus they are used with a diaper cover or wool diaper pants on top.

The AirHours and inserts need to be washed after each use. Store in a dry diaper pail, diaper and insert separately. Wash with similar colours. Start with pre-wash/machine rinse program on cold without a detergent, wash in 60°C with a detergent and line dry. Don't use any bleaching agents, brighteners, fabric softeners, fragrances or pure soap. The child and environmental friendly dyes fade with use.

Every used cloth diaper makes a difference!

  • manufactured in a fair trade European owned sewing facility in China fulfilling all the working and social conditions principles set by the Finnish Central Chamber of Commerce based on the International Labour Organisation Convention, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • Finnish moms and babies have taken part in development and testing of the diapers
  • all materials are manufactured and dyed especially for our products

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