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Natural warmth for your child
excellent insulation.

Merino wool is an ideal material for babies. The Babyidea Merino Wool Baby Blanket is breathable and absorbs moisture without feeling wet, feels warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The bBlanket is soft and natural and made of such a fine quality that it doesn’t tickle.
The Babyidea Wool Fleece Blanket can be used in the bed as a breathable protection pad, inside a duvet cover as a blanket, as a sheet, for swaddling, on the floor as a changing pad or play mat and in the family bed when breastfeeding or when diapers leak. Wool is naturally a fire retardant material and the blanket is thus also suitable for using in the car. The size of the blanket is designed to be optimal for many kinds of usage and is thus quite large: about 70 x 115 cm.

Fabric: 100% merino wool.
Care: Wash in cold water, by hand or on gentle cycle, with a mild detergent. Regular treatment with lanoline (wool cure) will enhance the special qualities of the blanket and keep it soft and hygienic.

"Wool fabric brings to mind cozy warmth. (---) Wool is also dirt resistant, flame resistant, and, in many weaves, resists wear and tearing. (---) ...the weave of the fabric allows wool to absorb perspiration and the fabric "breathes," unlike polyester. Merino wool is soft and luxurious, resembling cashmere."
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