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MaM Water Sling

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Enjoy the water – together

Briefly stated, the Water Sling is a simple baby carrier designed for use in humid to wet, non-submersion conditions. The sling material doesn't absorb water and thus it is comfortable for you and your baby when wet, and it dries very quickly. Practically speaking, the Water Sling allows you to have your hands free while you shower with your baby, play around the baby pool or at the beach with your bigger kids, or just dance in the summer rain.

Imagine not having to drag the car carrier to the swimming pool shower or placing your child on a dirty floor while you wash yourself. At home, it is much easier to take a shower and wash your hair while caring for the little one. Even the most restless baby will calm down in the Water Sling when taking a warm shower, safely attached to you. Breastfeeding is also easy and comfortable in this sling as well as resting in a hanging chair with dad.
Most baby slings are made of cotton, because it is a long-lasting natural fibre and is pleasant to use while dry. When soaked, however, cotton gets to be heavy and feel cold against the skin and takes quite some time to dry. The Water Sling is made of a light, quick-drying polyester knit. It feels comfortable even when wet, doesn't collect water into itself and never feels heavy, and doesn't take up much space. The sling is unpadded so that the weight of the baby is spread evenly. The net-like mesh fabric diffuses the shower stream so that the drops won't feel as stingy on the delicate baby skin.
The use of the Water Sling does not differ from the use of other ring slings, except that in humid and wet conditions it is highly recommended to carry the child in an upright position. Thus there are four different carrying positions to choose from. The Water Sling has an open end and nicely adjustable fabric, so it is easy to fasten/tighten the sling so that it fits comfortably. It is important to state: the sling should be watered before use, especially if you and your baby are wearing bathing suits. Always secure that the child is safely in the sling and water is not running onto the child's face.
MaM Water Slling Regatta in Packaging

The MaM Water Sling is made of a comfortable high quality sports knit. The material is a breathable and quickly drying polyester mesh. The sling rings are a superb quality product of an American manufacturer and each ring has been tested and stated safe. The nylon rings can hold a weight of about 500 kg. All slings are designed in Finland in cooperation with a physician and sewn by a Scandinavian owned GOTS certified sewing facility in China, with which we've had close and personal cooperation for many years, all since the facility was founded in year 2004.

We recommend washing the Water Sling in 40°C and line drying. The Water Sling is best suited for a child under 12 kg, but can be used, occasionally, up to a maximum weight of 15 kg.