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Every child is worth organic cotton

Understanding the parent experience is vital to making a good sling. The MaM EARTH wraparound sling was designed in interaction with many active babywearers. The most important feature of a stretchy sling is the material. It's easy to sew a sling, but almost impossible to find the optimal material. Our slings are thus all made from custom made fabric. The best organic thread has been knitted to a firm, but wonderfully soft interlock.

MaM EARTH makes your hands free. Your child rides on from one place to another, outdoors and indoors, during the week and on holiday. He/She can be soothed by your movements, sleep listening to your heart beat, eat his/her little tummy full with milk and watch the world safely from a small bird perspective. You can carry your dearest in the MaM EARTH -sling, until his/her own feet carries him/her to new adventures. MaM EARTH works best up to about 15 kg. (The children on the pictures are one year old.) The middle of every sling is marked in a subtle way that doesn't affect the durability of the sling and the ends are tapered to make the knot small and comfortable. All edges are overlocked with elastic thread. MaM EARTH is designed by Bettina Lindblom/Finland.

DUSTY BLUE/dragon hat
MYSTIC ROSE/crown hat
PERSIAN RED/crown hat
SAND/dragon hat
PLUM KITTEN /dragon hat
MYSTIC ROSE/crown hat
MaM EARTH -babywearing set was designed with a big smile. Life is fun! With every sling we have included an organic cotton hat, either dragon style or a prince/princess crown. The hat protects the head of your child from sun and wind and the ears are covered by two fabric layers.

When you choose MaM you can always be sure that the product is carefully designed and made from the best of materials.

The MaM EARTH slings are made of 100% organic cotton. Our cotton is hand-picked and SKAL-certified. The slings and hats are sewn by professionals without child labour in an ecological company in a fair working environment.

Don't forget our practical babywearing cover.
A product for the future of your child AND the environment.