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SlingView Mirrors

– unfortunately not in production right now

With the SlingView Mirror you can:

  • Check to see that your child is safe and comfortable on your back in a sling or carrier like the ERGO Baby Carrier. In the summer it's wise to check regularly, if the sun-protective hat is still on.
  • Keep eye contact with your child - if you can see their reflection, they can see yours!
  • Check your wrapping and tying work without the help of another adult.
  • Keep the mirror easily accessible.
  • Be seen in the dark with the help of the added reflector strip.
  • Carry with fashion and style – look how beautiful the beaded chains are (picture on the left)!


  • The mirrors are made from acrylic, which is much lighter and 17x's stronger than glass (and sourced from the UK to cut down on production miles).
  • Yoyo and chain attachments allow you to clip the mirror anywhere. This means you can attach the mirror to your sling at your shoulder or onto the waist of your trousers/skirt - there is no need for belt loops or attachment points on your carrier.
  • Mirrors are 75 mm in diameter - large enough to get a good view over your shoulder, but small enough not to be intrusive.

All SlingView Mirrors are hand made in the UK, by a dedicated babywearing WAHM.

Beaded Mirrors

Beaded mirrors are attached with a nylon coated steel wire and a super strong alligator clip. Beaded Mirrors work best when clipped at shoulder level - then all you need to do is lift it up to have a look over your shoulder...if you need a bit more visibility, just unclip it and use it freely.

Yoyo Mirrors

The Yoyo Mirrors are attached with a heavy-duty chrome reel with over 1 meter of quality retractable cord. This means that the mirror is kept completely out of your way at all times. Once attached, all you need to do is pull the mirror out and up in any direction to see what your child is up to!
We stock Yoyo-mirrors and many beaded styles, including wooden beads for a more natural style. Also available wholesale in Finland, Sweden, Germany, the Czech Republic and Russia. Please contact our local distributors.