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MaM Coat Upgrade 

front and back


during pregnancy


with baby

after baby

Enjoy the fresh air

The MaM Coat is an elegant solution to pregnancy and slinging in the winter. Dressing couldn't be easier or more convenient. No hassle with pushing a pram on snowy roads or bulky clothing.

Made from top-grade microfibre with a high-quality double fleece lining and breathable PUL membrane, the MaM Babywearing Coat is especially suitable for the cold and wet season. It will take you effortlessly from walking the dog in the forest to shopping, week to weekend and from autumn to spring.

The MaM Coat is the most versatile choice. It can be used during pregnancy, carrying a baby on the front or the back, and the best part is that it looks good also without a child. Large flap pockets in front for phone, wallet and spare diaper. Sleeves foldable for perfect length and body slightly flared at the bottom to give enough space for the feet of a toddler.

Every coat is supplied with a separate hooded babywearing/pregnancy panel. The curved part can be folded down for small babies and the hood be adjusted or removed if needed. There's also a removable hood for the babywearer. And an integrated babywearing dickey made of soft hemp/organic cotton jersey to keep the space between baby and parent protected when carrying on the front.

The MaM Coat is durable, wrinkle resistant and carefully tailored with several innovations to make it especially comfortable for both parent and child. Use the jacket for years to come.

Machine washable.
Innovation patented.

NEW colour for winter 2007/2008 chocolate-hazelnut with innovation patent pending kangaroo adjustable caphood, which can be used as a separate cap as well for years to come. All our test children love it, but if you don't, just cut the ears off.

We have listened to your feedback! All the following are NEW improvements:

  • -new size: XS
    -soft fleece cuffs at the wrists
    -panels underneath all zippers to keep wind out
    -somewhat enlarged arm holes for easier dressing

NEW feature list continues

-chest pocket inside
-snap closure inside the shoulders bringing the straps of the bw-panel to the front
-the adult side of the integrated dickey is adjustable with two buttons and the dickeys are made of soft weatherproof polyfleece
-hemp/organic cotton integrated dickeys available as accessories in several colours

Safety Precautions: Pay attention to the security and movements of your child, especially while carrying him/her on your back. Be sure your child has good air flow at all times. Remove the adult hood when carrying your child on your back.