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When the cold season starts here in Scandinavia, it isn't practical to push a stroller in piles of snow. Babywearing with layers of clothing for parent and child isn't a pleasure either. This was our starting point for developing totally new kinds of winter garments. When using a big jacket or most kinds of babywearing jackets there will be an opening between parent and child, which isn't easy to cover fully with a scarf. Our MaM Babywearing Dickey presents an elegant solution to this problem, as far as we know for the first time in the world (innovation patented).
The MaM Babywearing Dickey comes in two designs: one in merino wool/cotton consisting of two separate dickeys that join into a babywearing dickey with a zipper and one in polar fleece also consisting of two dickeys joining into a babywearing dickey, but with snaps. The merino wool dickeys are to be pulled over the head, while the polar fleece ones are openable in the back. All designs give the same kind of protection. No snow or rain pouring down the neck, no cold breasts or small hands getting cold from babywearing in the winter time.
The baby part is adjustable on both the merino wool/cotton and the polar fleece dickeys. The closure system makes it possible to use all dickey parts separately. The parent part is designed to be long enough for protecting the breasts from the cold, which is very important for breastfeeding moms. Zipping or snapping baby off for getting into the car is easy and convenient. The MaM Babywearing Dickey can be used either on the front or on the back, with structured baby carriers and with different kinds of slings.
The MaM Babywearing Dickey is available both in a wonderful custom made merino wool/cotton interlock and in polar fleece. Both are machine washable. The dickeys come in a one size fits all design (also fits dads) and the polar fleece dickeys are openable and adjustable in the back. If the wool/cotton dickeys are too big for you, you can easily wash them in warm water and then they'll shrink.
The body of the new polar fleece dickeys is made of a warm and dense 380 g/m2 fleece with the collar part being soft 180 g/m2 fleece. All snaps are high-quality and durable nylon. Check with your nearest stockist for colour options.